The real stories from real life have been lacking these past few months, and for that, I feel sheepish. I feel like one among the hoards of eager people who start Blogs super enthused, only to quit them soon after after that enthusasm fizzles. Well, the enthusiasm is still present, just dormant. I hope to get back into a regular Blogging ryhthm soon. Why? Because this Blog is for me as much as it is for anyone who happens to read it. Here I can be me, in my voice, writing whatever it is that I want to write. There’s not just freedom in that but also joy. I returned not long ago (last month) from the Middle East, Jordan in particular. I could use a lot of abstract words to describe the experience like “wonderful, fantastic, incredible and amazing,” but I won’t. Because I don’t like those words. I cannot see them. Most readers have just this one command: “Make me see.” So, in the next few posts I write, I intend to write things readers can see. Or at least I’ll try to; as Middle-Easterners would say, “En-Shallah,” which means God-willing.



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